A Christmas of Peace and
A Happy New Year 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in religious life,

In a country evolving in an electoral dead-end which is slow to become unblocked, with the devastating Hurricane Matthew leaving behind starving and homeless people and a sad and flattened environment, we nonetheless are celebrating Christmas and the New Year.  And, in thanksgiving, the presence of Monseigneur Jean Desinord, our Bishop, on the 26th we praised Our God for all of the gifts of goodness and mercy that we have received during the forty years of the Fraternite.

At the beginning of this new year 2017, we pray the God of Life of men and women, the God of history, to give us His grace, to truly come to the aid of our humanity, because without Him, we struggle in vain.

When we look at the course of events in the world, all the benefits of science and technology, we can glorify the image of God in humankind; but at the same time, looking at what is happening in some countries in terms of disaster, of destruction—for example in Syria or Iraq—and taking note of the negative effects of terrorism, of climate change, and then the situation of our own country, we can ask ourselves many questions, so great are the challenges—social, economic, environmental—and in terms of political stability and peace!

We spent the whole of 2016 in this charged atmosphere and in this new year 2017 we are preparing to continue to strive because it will not be easy, given the parameters already in place!  Father de Foucauld said:  “We will continue with evangelical boldness to take on the reality of our daily life by the grace of God and Hope.”

Yes, 2017 will not be easy for the poorest among us, or for those of us who are profoundly human, given the situation following Hurricane Matthew and the wounds left by the last legislative and presidential elections.  Thus, we ask God for special assistance for the country, for the Church, for all men and women of good will in our dear Haiti.

With my Little Brothers and Little Sisters, we take this opportunity to wish you, dear brothers and sisters, a heartfelt Happy 2017, in the Peace and the Light of CHRISTMAS.  Thank you to all who have already sent us their greetings.

Brother Francklin ARMAND



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