With the early 2017 social unrest in Haiti relatively under control, a long awaited visit to Haiti took place May 1-10, 2017.  The mission trip of 13 people, sponsored by the Carmelite Community of the Word, included Millie Bodenschatz and Sr. Margie McGuire, CCW, both Board Members of Kindred Journey.  The group was hosted by Little Sister Emmanuelle and Brother Francklin.  Much gratitude was expressed on the part of our Haitian brothers and sisters for our prayers and financial support for the 30+ years of our strong twinning relationship. 

The country in general remains in terrible condition, still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake and from last October's Hurricane Matthew. Unfortunately, the current rainy season only adds to the mud, humidity and misery.  But we did see first-hand the difference the Little Brothers/Little Sisters of the Incarnation are making with our support in their ministry to the poorest of the poor.  We saw real progress in the variety of services provided: schools, orphanages, agricultural training, lakes and fish farming, garden development, clean water filtration units, a bakery, a butcher shop and a spiritual center .  We ate home-grown vegetables and fresh fruit, and enjoyed wonderful hospitality.

Brother Francklin is planning to travel to the US to visit with Msgr. Gaus in early June to allow more in-depth conversation through the translation of Little Sr. Caroline from Baltimore. 

Please continue your financial donations to Kindred Journey, and keep all these Haitian concerns in your prayers.


-- Submitted by Kindred Journey Board Member, Sr. Margie McGuire, CCW



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